HMmmm, Super New Year's.
I finally went to see the Ball drop IN TIMES SQUARE..Yup. I was by myself, which sucked, but I'm really proud of myself for finally doing it. One big goal completed.

SO, now I'm a bit stuck. I'm totally looking for a new job, in the field I really want to be in-social services. I want to work with "at-risk" adolescents. I really want to be some kinda of Therapist (exactly what kind, I'm not positive yet-Dance, Art, Talk...substance abuse...), but I really do NOT want to go to graduate least right now. I'm Hoping it's not inevitable, but it's kinda seeming like it maybe is.

Right now, at this moment..I am taking a free online course on HIV case management...and looking into teaching English abroad. I'd really Love to go to Mexico. It seems like it doesn't pay that well. But I'm Thinking about it.

So, okay, please send me accomplishment vibes...and positive energy to find an Amazing, new job.

Much Love, Hope, Peace to the universe-and you.