Yesterday was the "anniversary" of my grandfather's grandmother was upset, which is understandable...but I handle these things differently than most people, which makes me seem insensitive, but really, their soul is gone, they are not in pain anymore, and this mourning shit is just for us,....I find it pointless to mope on "death anniversaries" and celebrate the deceased birthday....they're dead.

I know that he was my grandmothers companion for over 50 years, and even though he was my grandfather who I Loved, I have no idea how she I am trying to be there for her...

They're having a mass in his memory on Sunday, and I am trying to think of any reason to get out of it, and I can't come up with a good enough reason.
I really don't want to sit through this.

I hate the morbid American dealings with death...which is ironic because she's Spanish.